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Science/Health/Science Application

Elementary Science


Teacher: Carolyn Erickson

This class will have a two year cycle.

For the young scientist in your family! Each week is a new scientific topic or concept with hands-onactivities to engage students and get them excited about science. Over 30 different topics are available so your student can find the science that interests them the most.

AnnualTuition and Class Fee:  $270/$80

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Systems of the Body - Grades 3rd-6th                     

Teacher: Brandy Hopper

This is an exciting, interactive, 24-week class that covers all 13 systems of the human body. Students will utilize models and worksheets to learn a system one week, and the on the following week, apply that which they learned by replicating the functions of that system. This hands-on activity will be completed individually and in groups. This varied technique will help the students better understand the functions of the incredible human body that was designed by The Creator

Annual Tuition and Class Fee:  $270/$40

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Astronomy--Grades 1st-3rd and 3rd-6th

Teacher:  Olivia Denton
This hands on science class offers the students an introduction to the science of Astronomy.  Topics to be investigated in this class include: all planets of our solar system, the sun, the moon, space rocks, stars and galaxies, and space travel.  Each week there will be a hands on learning experience for the students. No book is required for this class.  However, the course will follow Apologia's Exploring Creation with Astronomy (1st Edition) as the main text for this class. Parents who want to reinforce or build upon topics studied in class can use this book as a resource.

Annual Tuition and Class Fee: $270/$50

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Chemistry Exploration   Grades 4th-7th          

Teacher: JoAnn Stombaugh

This class will explore the wonderful world of chemistry. We will cover the basics of chemistry, atoms and molecules, the nature of chemistry, states of matter, and organic chemistry. Christian Kids Explore Chemistry is the foundation textbook used in this class. All work will be done in class and includes hands-on activities. A list of optional activities and reading will be provided if they choose to dive deeper.

Annual Tuition and Class Fee: $270/$30

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Botany   Grades 5th-6th          

Teacher: Kim Treadway

This class will teach students all about God’s creation by learning about botany, the study of plants. Using the textbook, Exploring Creation With Botany, from Apologia and the accompanying notebooking journal, students will learn hands-on about seeds, roots, stems, gardening, trees, and more. This class will involve some at-home projects and homework to “dig deeper.”

Parents will need to purchase for class: Apologia Botany Textbook and companion notebooking journal

Annual Tuition and Class Fee: $270/$50

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Junior High Science

Junior High Life Science - Grades 7th-8th   

Teacher: JoAnn Stombaugh

Exploring  is an exciting adventure giving us a glimpse into the wonders of God's creation. This class will help develop a progressive understanding of the fields of botany and biology. Hands on activities make this course even more meaningful for students.

Parents will need to purchase A Beka Book's 2nd edition of Science: Order and Design text, activity book, and test booklet. Text answer key is optional; however, parents will grade homework.  (For reference: textbook has a snake on cover, while activity book has a white flower.)

Our Goals: Personal Excellence and Commitment

Annual Tuition & Class Fee: $295/$50

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 16 Weeks


High School Science

HELP Homeschool Recommends the following High School Science Progression:  

General Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Sciences i.e. Anatomy & Physiology

High School General Physical Science-  Grades 9th -12th 

Teacher:  JoAnn Stombaugh

Pre-Requisite or Concurrent: Pre-Algebra/Saxon 8/7

An introductory chemistry and physics course designed to spark interest while building a firm foundation for advanced science courses. Designed to prepare students for college, students will learn about scientific measurements, the different forms of matter and transition to the foudations of chemical reactions and properties of magnets and electricity while presenting science as the systematic study of God's design in the physical creation. Class time will be used to discuss material, participate in labs and activities, and view demonstrations all related subject matter.  

Parents will need to purchase Abeka's Science: Matter and Energy 2nd edition text, answer key, quiz book, and test book.

Annual Tuition and Class Fee: $295/$75

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 16 Weeks


High School Biology - Grades 9th-12th                                                      

Teacher: JoAnn Stombaugh

This course addresses the study of life from a creationist perspective - God is the Creator.  This course introduces concepts in biology at the high school level. Topics include cellular biology, classifications of organisms, DNA, and genetics. In class, students will learn concepts and complete labs which include microscope use and dissection. Students will have weekly reading assignments and notebook activities. Due to limited class time, parental involvement or self-study is still required. The instructor is available outside of class time to help answer any questions. You can contact her by email or text.

1. Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology 3rd Edition Text (Giraffe on the cover ISBN: 9781946506450

2. Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology 3rd   Edition Student Notebook (Giraffe on the cover) ISBN:  9781946506481

3. Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology 3rd   Edition Solution & Test Book (Giraffe on cover).  ISBN: 9781946506467

4.  OPTIONAL:  There is also an audio-book version of the text for those students who are auditory learners.  If this audio-book version is purchased, the text will still need to be purchased for weekly assignments.  The audio version can be found here.  This is NOT a required material for the course.  

Annual Tuition and Class Fee: $295/$75

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 16 Weeks


High School Chemistry - Grades 9th-12th

Teacher:  Gwyn Stout

Pre-requisite: Algebra I

This course is a thorough study of chemistry from a Christian, creation-based perspective.  Topics to be explored include: the classification of matter, atomic structure, spectroscopy, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, physical change, chemical change, stoichiometry, solutions, ideal gases, acid/base chemistry, reduction/oxidation reactions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and chemical equilibrium.  Class time will be used to discuss material from the text and for conducting many experiments throughout the year.  Students will have weekly reading assignments and written homework. There will be chapter tests and two semester exams.  One long-term project will also be assigned.

Required Materials:

1.  Discovering Design with Chemistry by Dr. Jay L. Wile

2. Discovering Design with Chemistry Answer Key and Test book ISBN-13: 9780996278478

3. One-inch binder

4. 2-pocket folder

5.  1-subject notebook

6. Calculator

Optional materials: Discovering Design with Chemistry by Dr. Jay L. Wile, Audio Book on    USB Flash Drive

Annual Tuition and Class Fee: $295/$75

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 16 Weeks



TinkerTime Engineering-- Grades K-3rd                

Teacher: Lisa Bacu

This class will have a two year cycle.

We’re tinkering with a purpose and a plan! Students will be challenged to solve real life problems such as designing a prosthetic limb, building a safer bridge and designing and creating vehicles that zoom using the engineering design process. There’s plenty of room for creativity, imagination and fun while also learning basic engineering principals.

Annual Tuition & Class Fee:  $310

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Creative Engineering Design-- Grades 3rd-6th               

Teacher: Lisa Bacu

This class will have a two year cycle.

In this inquiry-based STEM curriculum, students will be challenged to solve real-world problems involving physics, mechanical, chemical and civil engineering using the engineering design process. Students will learn to tackle problems and build prototypes in a systematic way in a team-based environment. We’ll encourage creativity, imagination, optimism and fun!

Annual Tuition & Class Fee:  $310

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Lego Robotics/K'nex Creations-- Grades 3rd-6th              

Teacher: Lisa Bacu

Lego Robotics (Fall Focus)--Welcome to the world of robots! Using the WeDo 2.0 Lego Robotics system students will build various robots and then, using different sensors and inputs, program them to complete simple tasks. No previous robotic or programming experience is necessary.

K'nex Creations (spring focus)--Building, testing and interpreting results is the focus of this class. Using the K’Nex building systems various simple machines are explored, built, and tested. Then, the data is collected, analyzed and graphed. Students have a chance to think critically and draw conclusions based on class results.

Annual Tuition and Class Fee:  $330/$40

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Coding I  (4th-6th)

Teacher: Lisa Bacu

Coding is fun!  In this class students are introduced to the world of electronics and coding in an enjoyable, easy-to-understand way.  Learning to program (or code) allows students to develop logical and sequential thinking. Students learn how to solve problems by following an orderly methodology.  Projects will increase in complexity as they gain skills and confidence over the year.  Coding I (first year) students will become familiar with: 

  • Electronic components 
  • Coding logic and variables 
  • Reading and editing basic code 
  • How to code basic behaviors 
  • Introduction to Scratch Code 
  • How to extend coding to two- and three-step functions 
  • How to think in terms of organization, priorities, logic and creativity 

Annual Tuition & Class Fee $250

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Essential Career Software Computer Course using Microsft Office: Grades 6th-12th

Teacher: Lisa Bacu

Your student will become familiar with the three most popular software packages in today's world. Basic skills for creating, editing, manipulating, and sharing documents will be taught using MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. Weekly homework will be assigned in order to practice the skills learned in class. One year-long project will be created as we learn the various tools found in each software package. This project will culminate in a short PowerPoint presentation complete with data, graphs, hyperlinks, etc. Students will need to supply their own laptop computer with the software mentioned above already installed on their computer.  Please note that this class focuses on Microsoft Office products since these are used extensively in the business community.  Similar software (i.e. Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc) cannot be used in place of Microsoft brand software.

Annual Tuition & Class Fee $300

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Exploring Engineering 4 - GRADES 7th-12th

Teacher: JoAnn Stombough

Engineering touches every aspect of our lives. Join us as we explore the 5 major areas of engineering: chemical engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and civil engineering. The class focuses on hands-on projects that relate to each of the areas. Students are required to bring a laptop with a USB port weekly for the second half of the year. No Chromebooks. 

You will need to download and unzip this file to your laptop: https://freenove.com/tutorial   

Scroll till you see FNK 0025 Freenove RFID Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi

Exploring Engineering 1, 2, or 3 is not required to take this class.

This course is intended as an enrichment course. If you wish to turn it into an elective credit you can add the suggested materials to the course at home.

AnnualTuition and Class Fee:  $250/$85

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Crime Scene Investigations & Forensics - GRADES 7th-12th

Teacher: Mrs. Wells

Students will learn crime scene investigation and forensics through inquiry and project-based learning. Including but not limited to fingerprints, handwriting and printer analysis, DNA, and trace evidence. We will perform simple labs to collect and examine evidence and solve imaginary crimes. We may use age appropriate short video clips about crime scene evidence and collection. There will be some light reading homework associated with this class.

Parents will need to purchase Forensics: Inquire and Investigate by Carla Mooney (paperback)

ISBN 978-1-61930-184-9 Available on Amazon $16.95

AnnualTuition and Class Fee:  $250/$40

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks



Not offered 2024-2025


Phy-Chem   Grades 1st-3rd and 3rd-6th          

Teacher: Olivia Denton

This hands-on science class offers the students an introduction to the sciences of Chemistry and Physics. Topics to be investigated in this class include: types of matter, compound chemistry, mixtures, Newton's laws, gravity, forms of energy, sound, light, thermodynamics, electricity, magnetism, simple machines and much more. The abounding hands on activities and review will help students to understand the concepts presented during class. No book is required for this class, but the teacher will be utilizing Apologia's Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics as the main text resource for this class. Parents who want to reinforce or build upon topics at home as part of their science curriculum may want to purchase this book.

Annual Tuition and Class Fee: $270/$50

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Inventors 2 Class - GRADES 4th-6th

Teacher: JoAnn Stombough

Inventors 2 will cover the history of boats - project propellor boat, the history of the compass - project homemade compass, Andre Jacques Garnerin's first successful parachute - project parachute, James Naismith inventor of basketball - project tabletop basketball game, Ruth Handler inventor of the Barbie doll - project fabric rag doll, Mary Anderson inventor of motorized windshield wipers, Elon Musk inventor of the electric car, Henry Ford inventor of the Model T - project - battery powered propellor car, Leo BaekBenjamin Franklin - project homemade kite

AnnualTuition and Class Fee:  $250/$35

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Wind, Water and Wings - GRADES 4th-6th

Teacher: JoAnn Stombough

Students will come to understand how weather impacts their daily lives and flight.  They will also learn about aircraft that span the aviation timeline from the inspiration of birds to modern times.

AnnualTuition and Class Fee:  $250/$40

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Spark's Design Technology I (4th-8th)

Teacher: TBD

No prerequiste to take this class

Students will learn Basic Electronics and Arduino Programming using the SparkFun Inventor’s kit as well as the use of electronics and programming with textiles.

First semester students will primarily use the Inventor’s Kit building and programming circuits. Second Semester students will design and build a light up mask.

A laptop is required for each student for use in class.

Annual Tuition & Class Fee $250/$40

Fall 12 weeks--Spring 12 Weeks


Spark's Fun Design Technology 2 (4th-8th)


Junior High Science - Earth and Space - Grades 7th-8th   

Teacher: TBD

Students will investigate Geology, Oceanography, Meteorology, Astronomy, and Environmental Science with the goal of discovering the thoughts of the Creator through the ingenious structure and orderly function of His creation.  Class time will review material and utilize hands-on activities to reinforce concepts.  Each student will present one project to the class during the academic year.  Review questions, worksheets, and tests are part of this course.  The tutor will grade tests but only review homework for completeness. Parents are expected supervise and correct homework; thus, it is essential to purchase the Answer Key booklet.